When creating a new ArcPro project, there should be an option to save the APRX in a different location than in the project folder

04-24-2023 09:12 AM
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Neither 1) hiding each APRX in a project folder or 2) filling a directory with different project geodatabases, tool boxes, etc are great options when creating a new ArcPro project.  We were able to sort and find ArcGIS MXDs by date or at least see all of the different MXDs in one place, and these option could be possible if in the Create a New Project dialog box there was the option to save the APRX in a different location than the default project folder.   The work around is to create a new project, saveas the APRX someplace else, and delete the original in the newly created folder, but this is cumbersome and not necessary.  Quickly searching through all the project APRXs in one place would be ideal for many workflows.

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Hello @NoahWasserman,

If I understand you correctly, you want to create a project in a folder of your choosing, with the project .aprx file directly under your selected folder, instead of in a project home folder under your selected folder. ArcGIS Pro already offers this capability.  In the following example, in the Create a New Project dialog, you can select the project location (C:\Testing),  uncheck "Create a new folder for this project", and the new project .aprx file will be created directly under C:\Testing.


If you prefer to create all your projects in the same location without creating a project home folder for each .aprx file created, you can specify this preference in ArcGIS Pro's backstage, Options dialog, General tab, under Create projects, by specifying the location, and unchecking "Create a folder for the project":


When you want to select an existing project to open, in the Open Project browse dialog box, you can go to the location where you have created a number of your projects, and sort the projects .aprx files by Name, Date Modified, etc.:


Does this help?  If not, could you please clarify your desired workflow?

Thank you for your feedback!


We have dozens of client folders, each containing gis data for multiple projects for that client. In the past we could save the .mxd files in each client folder, search by date, etc. But now with Pro multiple files are necessary for each .aprx. I can’t designate one folder in Options because we have multiple client folders, and I can’t keep filling client folders with ArcPro .aprx and everything else. Seems like “save aprx in project folder” check box and/or a new .aprx location dialog box would be a solution. 


@NoahWasserman ,

It seems that I misunderstood what you wanted last time.  If you want to put different project .aprx files in different client folders, you can do so by setting the project location in the Create a New Project dialog when you create a new project: 


You can select a location that you think the project file should be - you can enter the path directly in the Location textbox or use the browse button to select the location.  Again, you can check or uncheck "Create a new folder for this project" to control whether the project file will be create under a new folder or not in that location.



Thank you for your thoughts.  I think my suggestion boils down to this: the only option (now) when creating a new ArcGIS Pro project is to save all ArcGIS Pro project files (*.gdb, *.aprx, \ImportLog, etc) into one folder (either one directory as shown below, or each project into its own folder if "Create a new folder..." option is checked).


I want an options where the *.APRX can be saved into a different location than (*.gdb, \ImportLog, etc).  It's totally possible to SaveAS the *.aprx into another directory than where it was originally create, I just want this option at the start.  Why should I have to litter my folders with all of the (*.gdb,  \ImportLog, etc) for every project, or have all of my *.aprx buried in a million project folders (if "Create a new..." is checked) when the *.aprx is all I need to open ArcGIS Pro?


I agree with @NoahWasserman, I have to create and save several arpx files and every time I do it's creates 7 new folders. Is there a guide to which of these ancillary folders can be deleted without breaking your project? I understand that you can save maps within projects as map files (.mapx), but that usually doesn't preserve pathnames to data sources or metadata records, plus forget about your layouts. 


Appears this idea is under consideration here -https://community.esri.com/t5/arcgis-pro-ideas/quot-save-it-later-quot-without-creating-a-new/idi-p/.... But, the post is 6 years old so not sure when it would be implemented.