Webpage for differences between all web APIs

07-26-2010 06:50 AM
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I'd like to see a dedicated web page that details all the differences between ESRI's web APIs (silverlight, flex, and javascript).  Like many developers, I believe in using the right tool for the job and can go between these languages easily.  If I don't need to spend time reinventing the wheel if Silverlight already has the widget/sample I want, I'll use that.  That said, I love the flexibility that anyone can pick the language that they already know and work with it, but I bet some of us would rather just pick the one that will make our work the easiest.  :-)
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Esri UK have compiled one of these:
The problem with these documents is that they very quickly become out of date.
This idea hits on many points I have been struggling with.  I've been using the Silverlight API for the last year or so and just wanted to get into the JavaSript API.  I quickly found out all APIs are not created equal.  The Silverlight API seems far superior with its widgets ( a really TOC with group layers and a legend rolled into one tool, a awesome featuredatagrid table, clustering of points, tons of examples on how to query or what ever).  I'm trying to learn how to attribute query in JS show it on the map and send it to a datagrid and there is no example...I have to combine several examples.  All the examples on JS are weak; they really focus on the info window and the click to query.  The Base Map Gallery is a cool widget that JS has and Silverlight doesn't but that is about it.