Webmap display settings need to be respected when opening in ArcGIS Desktop

05-03-2017 01:01 PM
Status: Open
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When I open a webmap in ArcGIS Desktop from ArcGIS Online, it displays all 4 layers of my feature service as turned on, whereas I actually have them all turned off in the saved webmap in ArcGIS Online.... I'd like them off by default because they are large datasets and I also have a tiled version of the service in the map for quick visualization. If the feature service is automatically turned on as soon as the webmap is opened in ArcMap then it sort of defeats the purpose because the map is super slow to open. I contacted ESRI tech support after no one responded to my GeoNet question and this was logged as a bug; BUG-000104595 : All layers from a web map are checked in when opened in ArcGIS for Desktop though some layers are unchecked in the web map.

I think that this is a high priority and needs to be addressed asap.


Have you tried opening the web map in ArcGIS Pro?  It looks like everything works fine there, and you can even keep the web map you're viewing in Pro in sync with changes made to the web map in a browser or mobile application: Add maps and scenes to a project—ArcGIS Pro | ArcGIS Desktop 


Thanks for the suggestion. We aren't currently using ArcGIS Pro but I will add that info to the webmap disclaimer in case any of our end users have it.


I recently experienced this issue again and remembered this post... checked on my bug report and there are no comments or updates to BUG-000104595: All layers from a web map are visible when opened in..  I also noticed that bringing layers from an ArcGIS  webmap into desktop does not respect filters set in the webmap.  I'm using 10.3.1 still, is this fixed in newer versions of Desktop? Our program as a whole hasn't made the switch to Pro yet.