Way to disable and/or change the "right-click and drag" shortcut for Continuous Zoom

09-14-2021 05:55 AM
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I'm a new user of ArcGIS Pro and am currently trying to replicate my ArcGIS Desktop (ArcMap) editing workflow. I'm currently using ArcGIS Pro 2.8, and I also use a Wacom DTU-2231 21.5" Interactive Pen Display. The pen has 2 buttons that can be programmed, and I've assigned one of them to be the same as a right-click on a mouse. I use the pen to edit and create features, and in ArcMap I would often right-click and select "finish part" to finish part of the sketch. When trying to replicate this same functionality in Pro, the right-click and inherent movement of the pen while clicking the button causes Pro to Zoom continuously instead of bringing up the right-click menu where I can select finish part. It's impossible to hold the pen completely still while clicking the button on the side of the pen. I need a way to disable the "right-click and drag shortcut to Zoom continuously so that I can use the button on the pen to access the right-click menu. It seems a bit redundant to have both the "Z+drag" and "right-click and drag" shortcuts for the same Zoom continuously function. Apologies if there is already a way to disable/change this, but I haven't been able to locate it after much searching.

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This is an accessibility issue.  We have a staff member that uses a Wacom pen due to pain using a mouse, but now has difficulty activating context menus in the map window in Pro.  It wasn't a problem in ArcMap.  There should be an option to turn off right-click zooming.