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Want to be able to Sort Domain of Hosted Feature Service Using ArcGIS Pro

05-17-2017 06:24 AM
Status: Implemented
New Contributor II

Hello everyone.  ESRI gives us the ability to modify the domain of a hosted feature service using ArcGIS Pro, but not the ability to sort (alphabetize) the new domain values.  Please give us the ability to sort the new domain values we add; it seems only logical to me.




jlivesey‌ Thank you for submitting the idea.  Can you provide some more detail (maybe include a screenshot) about where you want to be able to sort the domain values and some context for how this will help your work?  Some more details will help us understand the use case.  Thank you!


You can add new domain values to a hosted feature service via the "Solutions Deployment Tool" in Pro. While there, you can even move the values up/down in the list. That said, any re-arrangements you do in Pro do not translate to the AGOL hosted feature service, and all new values appear at the bottom of the list.

This becomes an issue for field crew working with the domain dropdowns in Collector. Yes - they can type and search for values, which is probably a good idea when the list has dozens or hundreds of values.  But when a list is small (say 10 domain values), it can be easier to select from the dropdown rather than typing.

Modify domain via Solutions Deployment Tool


The issue with the domains not being able to be reordered in the solution deployment tool is resolved in Pro 2.0.


Cool, thanks. I'll check it out next time I need to do a domain update.


The option to sort domain values should be that, an option, and not forced on users. There are many situations where forced domain sorting is not only not needed, but violates business logic. For example, Raw, Valid, Certified, Invalid should be presented in the pick list in exactly that order, not sorted alphabetically ascending or descending. 

Status changed to: Implemented