Virtual Campus training course - complete pdf desired

07-16-2013 02:29 AM
Status: Open
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ESRI Virtual Campus courses are awesome, but with limited time for learning and development, I find a lot of my time is taken clicking things to reveal tiny snippets of information and taking screenshots one by one to print the material so I can annotate it as I learn and create a resource for future reference.  This is painful, time intensive and frustrating.

I would REALLY like it if when I downloaded the data for a course, I could also download a complete pdf for a course (with no hidden bits!).  Then I could print it and work steadily through it, and my time would be spent actually learning and doing the exercises and using the software rather than making a "text book" screen by screen.

I see this being a value-added option ESRI could provide because not everyone learns the same way.

I don't envisage format issues:
  • Where there are questions needing answers, I am happy to have the question, then a small space beneath so I can cover the answer and think, then see the answer given.
  • If there are videos, the transcript could be provided in the pdf, I am happy clicking on a video to run it.
  • Where there are several diagrams on the same topic, all could be included.
While we understand some learners prefer a printed reference, Virtual Campus courses are designed specifically to be online learning experiences. We do provide a button to easily print exercises so students don't have to toggle back and forth between their ArcGIS window and the course browser window. We'll explore whether adding a print button on other selected course pages may be appropriate. Thanks for sharing your idea.

Thanks!  I observe in the latest virtual campus courses, the print button has disappeared, making the courses hard to complete if one has only one monitor.  Please could the print button be reinstated for exercises and considered for the whole course (to better cater for non-kinaesthetic learners)?  May I also suggest reinstatement of the expand/collapse option for the contents pane?

ESRI training interface with proposed addition of print PDF button and expand/collapse table of contents

I feel these tweaks would provide a significant value-add for students.

Thank you for your consideration.