View individual feature Schema Locks in Pro Catalog Pane like ArcCatalog

06-26-2019 01:10 PM
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In ArcCatalog, users are able to right click a feature class contained within the Enterprise Database, select Manage > Locks to view who or what is locking the individual Feature.  

Now in Pro, users must right-click the database connection in the Catalog pane, click Properties, and expand the Connections section, then click Show connected users and locks. Then users must drill down to find the source of the feature lock via Object Name, Lock Type, or Lock Owner. This process is cumbersome to perform when searching for locks on an individual feature, especially if there are numerous editors and services running within the enterprise. ArcCatalog performs the action quickly and efficiently via the individual feature "Manage" menu. 

Often times feature parity is the key to adoption.

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This would be a very useful addition to Pro!

It's nice to be able to only disconnect the users that are actually locking the feature class/dataset/table/etc.  What would be even better is if we could also only disconnect them from the particular object we need to clear the locks on (rather than from the database completely).  Our users would sure appreciate not being disconnected from everything when we need to do something as basic as adding/removing a field or changing the domain on something.