Vertical Datum transformations

05-29-2013 01:09 PM
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I was wondering if there was any work being done to incorporate more vertical datum transformations in ArcGIS.  Many of us in NOAA are diligently working on coastal inundation mapping and currently the only way to perform vertical datum transformations is to export the xy-coordinate data table into NOAA made software called VDatum and then export it back into ArcGIS.  It works but is very tedious and would be of great benefit if you could perform both horizontal and vertical transfomations in one piece of software.  Especially now in the wake of Katrina and Sandy when storm surge inundation (and river flood inundation) products are being created and used more and more by the emergency management community.

We have some vertical transformation support in the low-level library, projection engine. Our next step is to expose this functionality at the programming level (aka ArcObjects, Runtime) so that internal and external developers can take advantage of it. It won't be in ArcGIS 10.2, but hopefully soon.

Melita Kennedy
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Thank you for the reply Melita.  I look forward to it being in a (near) future build.

I  should've specified in my original post but I need vertical transformations for raster data and also for tidal datums in addition to geodetic datums. 10.4 doesn't have that. Neither does 10.5. 


Thank you for the clarification.  I see in our system that we have a similar enhancement request logged: [ENH-000108203: Add a geoprocessing tool to adjust raster elevation values according to a vertical datum transformation.]

This is currently marked as In Product Plan.


Please add more vertical transformations to ArcGIS Desktop! I need to do a vertical transformation of raster data for Switzerland from LN02 height (EPSG:5728) to WGS84 Ellipsoid (EPSG:7030) GPS height. Tech support couldn't help.


FAQ: Is there a geoprocessing tool to transform the vertical datum of raster elevation values in ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro? -