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Version Changes - Ability to export results

05-06-2011 12:08 PM
Status: Open
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The version changes window would be a lot more helpful if the results could be exported into a format that could be utilized to show the changes in each record.  For example, for a given feature class, show all the changes that occurred in a given time period, including the fields that were modified (showing their previous values as compared to current values). The results of this export could be utilized to generate a report via the users preferred reporting mechanism.



Hello - we have a similar need, so I'm curious as to whether or not you have found a solution or gotten any feedback on this. Thanks.
I also think this would be very usefull. Another possible option could be the FeatureCompare geoprocessing tool using featureclasses from the different versions. The output of this tool is not formatted well however but I guess it could be manipulated via python if necessary.
This has recently turned into something we really need also.  The compare tools that are in the toolbox now produce really bad results.  If we could just as shown export the From/To changes it would be a huge help!
The ability to export changes is critical for us, we will be very happy to know if it's going to approve in the 10.2
I posted the same request about 4 months after this (oops).
Definitely a need to not just show (record by record) changes, but the ability to export.  I'll expand to say not just Excel.  A spatial format of Add/Delete/Modified.  It's all there in the recordset that is produced by the tool.  We just need that last step.
Ditto Captain's comment!  This would be a huge help.

This would be very useful to export version changes.  When I update this information in the GIS, the changes need to be provided to other departments. I am hoping that this is an option in the near future. 


We could use this as well.  And in ArcGIS Pro, we don't even get the inserts, updates and deletes separated out like we did in desktop.  So the ability to export results would be helpful.  Additionally, would be nice to be able to see which GIS users made these edits along with some sort of count.