User-Defined Topology Color in Editing Tools

12-10-2020 08:02 AM
Status: Under Consideration
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I love that I can adjust the color of my selection / editing. I do a lot of work with features which participate in a topology, but also with simple hosted feature classes which ought to be topologically consistent. I find myself working with vertices a lot, and being able to change the symbology of vertex points in the sketch is great!

My idea is a simple one: allow the user to adjust the symbology of the topology features in the same way. Currently with a topology tool active, it renders as a network of pink nodes and edges:


The color isn't bad if I'm working with a dark basemap and a single layer as pictured, but in other instances it can be hard to see, and I wish I could change it. Additionally, I'd love to make the nodes appear larger, or have them a slightly different color, or add a symbol outline to make them pop more. Like this! (This is just the layer's symbology being adjusted.)



Status changed to: In Product Plan

Thanks for the suggestions @jcarlson . We have plans to implement a way to configure this in the near term.

Status changed to: Under Consideration
by Anonymous User

I use the Reshape tool in Pro to edit line features. When I select a feature or edge to reshape, the selected line becomes very thick, and oftentimes I cannot see the imagery underneath that will guide my reshaping. This results in inaccurate editing and excess time spent re-reshaping. 

I would love if the selected feature/edge width was reduced (or option to customize). In ArcMap, the selection becomes magenta but does not get wider, which is much easier. 

Original symbology: 


Thick symbology with reshape selection (using a topology): 




Just attended the 2023 UC and spoke with a find ESRI gentleman regarding this topic. He told me to post here, so here I am.

Having the ability to adjust the symbol while editing would be greatly appreciated and edits would be easier to distinguish.