Use Tasks to create Map Series

07-14-2020 09:30 AM
Status: Open
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I work with pipeline classification and need to create maps for every pipeline, every year showing what the pipeline classification is.  What I would like to be able to do with Tasks is to make the maps with a simple choice of the RouteId or RouteName (I'm using LRS) and the associated study area and map pages are selected as well as the dynamic attribute text in the map is shown for that line (pipeline name, designator, system, subsystem, etc) is updated on the map series.

In the attached map, the areas blacked out are the dynamic attribute text, the area circled in red is where a 'definition query' would be used to just display specific lines based on RouteId or RouteName.  

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Hello @DirkPeterson2 

I was curious if you could detail this workflow a little more? Like what steps are needed to be taken to create these maps? I'm not exactly sure if your wanting this to be automated or if your wanting to create a step by step to guide with user interaction to create these maps.


Jason Camerano