Use machine name as the default workstation alias in ArcGIS Pro

11-24-2015 09:26 AM
Status: Open
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In ArcGIS Pro (under Licensing > Edit) the current behaviour is that the default alias name is created with the convention: ArcGISPro_XXX where XXX is the last byte of the IP address of the machine.
This can help to identify the machine but it may not be unique in a large organisation – you would need more of the IP address to be a truly unique identifier in a large collection of machines.
Also note that the alias is set each time you create a session (which updates the ‘session created date’ in My Organisation, Manage Licenses), but your IP address may change more frequently.
So if your machine reconnects to your network, gets a new dynamic IP address and reconnects to an old, existing ArcGIS Pro session then the alias would remain set to the original IP that existed when the ArcGIS Pro session was first created. In this case the alias would not reflect the current IP address of the machine. The default alias is only updated when an ArcGIS Pro session is created.

Using the machine name as the default alias would mean devices could be uniquely identified and ArcGIS Pro sessions terminated easily if required. 


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I voted up, but regardless of what the ALIAS is in Pro, we see the machine name in lic man logs. 


When using Named User licensing, there are no License Manager logs to view. In which case, it would be helpful to have the machine name used as the alias, as this Idea suggests.

Using the full IP address, instead of just the last byte, would be a stopgap for us. We could at least match the IP to ArcGIS Online's Portal History log; however, as the Idea suggests, the IP address for a specific device may change over time.


It would be great if the workstation alias could be scripted as a part of a silent install to include the AD username and machine/host name.