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Use deprecation flag through platform

09-14-2020 03:45 PM
Status: Under Consideration
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Currently the deprecation item flag is mostly useless. It can be a deterrent from new users picking a service but there is no way for existing users of a deprecated item to realize they are using a deprecated item. 

Allow the different API's to see the deprecated flag on a feature service and then display UI to notify clients of deprecated service usage. Bonus points if you add UX to navigate to the item page to read about the deprecation and hopefully find a replacement.

As it currently stands, the deprecation flag is not helping to remove the usage of deprecated items. Make deprecations useful please. 


In ArcGIS Pro there is the ability to filter out deprecated content when searching portal items.

As for having the ability to see some sort of indicator, there is an existing issue that you can find here:

BUG-000126826: Users wants to see an items' authoritative or deprec.. 

For those who find this thread and would like to see that functionality, you can go to the bug on the support site and click Subscribe.  That will increment the count.

But all of that is still more around the search and discovery experience.

steve gourley‌ from "...but there is no way for existing users of a deprecated item to realize they are using a deprecated item."  it sounds like the primary use case is for existing maps that contain services that were not deprecated when added to the map, and you would like to see some sort of notification that let's the user know that the service in their map (or whatever item they're using) has since been marked deprecated, correct?


You are showing how to filter new content. I want to see a warning when I open my 1 year old pro project or web map that it is still referencing deprecated content.