Use custom URL for the help button of a toolbox tool

12-11-2019 06:43 AM
Status: Under Consideration
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A python toolbox has a help button in the dialog window

When you click this button a browser window will popup with a rendering of the tool metadata (stored in the XML file).


This is usually great, but sometimes I have a very detailed help website already available and wish to point to that URL.


Please provide the option to add a custom URL to the help button of a tool. Preferably set in either the XML or the tool class.


I am very disappointed at the dropping of support for custom help tools. I used a proper help authoring tool to consolidate all the help for a project. I don't want to edit each tools "Metadata", I need proper help with images, diagrams, URLs and links to other parts of the help. Like we already have in ArcMap. Cmon Esri, the custom tools environment look really amateur now, a throwback to ARC/INFO of 20 years ago.


I talked to esri support and the Enhancement is in Product plan. 



@AzinSharaf  It will take some time and effort to get to this enhancement to the tool. Something that is supported already is to add hyperlinks in the existing summary so that the user of your tool can click the hyperlink after bringing up the hovertip over the help icon to open whatever content you would like.





@DrewFlater  that is a great workaround. Thank you!

Status changed to: Under Consideration