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Use all parameters in script examples

08-14-2013 10:55 AM
Status: Closed
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It is great that the documentation provides examples of how to use any given tool in a python script.  It would be even more useful if these examples would use all of the possible examples instead of just the simplest case. 
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Status changed to: Closed

Since this was logged a decade ago, significant work has gone into the help. For many tools, detailed examples are now available, and if you find the examples provided on a particular tool lacking, please provide feedback from within the help system by filling out this form:


That feedback goes to the relevant authors and is regularly reviewed. In addition to the improvements in the help itself, since this issue was logged there have been a number of improvements to how code can be generated from tools. For example, if you run a tool and visit the history pane, you can now export the results to many places, including Copy Python Command which will generate a fully formatted snippet of code for that tool and its expanded parameters as they map from the UI into Python. You can also drag and drop those entries into the Python Window or Notebooks to further make moving between the UI experience and Python as simple as possible.

If you have specific topics you'd like to see improved, please use the feedback system. If you still believe there are broader systematic issues, please log a new idea which refines this one to specifics we can assess.

Thank you for your contribution to the ArcGIS Ideas site!

Cheers, Shaun