URLs in Pro pop-ups: add "Copy link address"

10-28-2019 08:36 AM
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If my feature has a field that is a URL, I would like to be able to "Copy link address" to the clipboard, as hotlinks in a browser can be right-clicked and copied.

Since attribute transfer is not working for me in Pro 2.4.2, I am manually copy-pasting URLs from source to target. A right-click functionality for URLs in pop-ups would improve this workflow.


The idea is valid but I'm wondering about 

Since attribute transfer is not working for me in Pro 2.4.2

Have you done any further troubleshooting into that?  


Yesterday I gleaned all the tips and info I could from the resources below, but try as I might, in Pro I simply can't get attributes in a point geometry to transfer to attributes in a polygon geometry –  likewise vice versa. Field properties in each layer are identical in every way (except geometry of course).

Add Attribute Transfer Tool to Pro at 2.2.1 
Attribute transfer mapping in ArcGIS Pro 
Transfer Attributes—Help | ArcGIS Desktop 
Transfer attributes between features—ArcGIS Pro | ArcGIS Desktop 

I popped out to ArcMap to try, but source and target are AGOL layers on services8.arcgis.com, and loaded in ArcMap they are not editable. 


Is the web layer that you're trying to transfer attributes to editable?  

I just tried what you're describing.  When the web layer is not editable, attribute transfer doesn't work.  I made it editable and it works.  Not sure if that may be what you're experiencing but thought I'd post back here in case it helps...


Thanks for the embedded demo. That change enabled transfer.