Update spatial location of points from attribute table

03-21-2013 06:32 PM
Status: Open
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I would like to see a feature within the attribute table which does the opposite of "calculate geometry" and instead updates the spatial location of the points from the co-ordinates within the attribute table.

Currently the only way I have found to do this in bulk (yes I'm aware of the manual create features x and y update for one point at a time - very cumbersome and doesn't work for records with no pre-existing spatial point location)  is to export all the records and then re-import, create xy and then save off again as a feature class.  This is messy and seems unnecessarily time consuming to create such redundant files. (I have also found that this method drops spatial points but leaves the records in the table and you still have no way of giving them a spatial location.)

 It would be better to be able to still have the "display xy" function to overwrite the current points.  This is important for correcting typographical errors (often only noticed once the points are plotted to start with and don't fit the expected location) and inputing as-built/revised data.
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If you have a table and you use the display XY command to create a point event layer and then you later edit and modify the values for the X or Y coordinate the point in the event layer will dynamically update to reflect the change in the table.

Bumping this back to the top since it really should be a feature.  I'm actually surprised this can't be done yet, especially with all the advanced editing capabilities in Pro.  


If the file isn't an XY Event, this won't work.  There needs to be a way to update the location directly within the attribute table.