Update help to explain what error code 002557 is and why it happened

03-28-2022 05:13 AM
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I ran the delete field tool deliberately on a geopackage to see what happens and I got an error message. This did not surprise me as I have read in the help that I cannot drop fields in a geopackage featureclass. Whilst that is something I would like ESRI to resolve what I was surprised is that there is no documentation on error code 002557 as you can see below.



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002557 pops up in the strangest places for different reasons

BUG-000143509: The Delete Field tool in ArcGIS Pro fails to execute.. (esri.com)

# -- accessed via arcpy and numpy
# 2557 is there, must be new
        'The ArcGIS Data Store (relational) is in read-only mode and new items cannot be published. Please check available disk space.'],
       ['2556', 'Attribute rule not found: %s.'],
       ['2557', 'Cannot delete field %1 from %2.'],
       ['2558', 'Must specify attribute rule names.'],
       ['2559', 'Invalid combination of arguments.']], dtype='<U125')

@DanPatterson , interesting you found that bug report, I did search online help for the code and could not find anything specific. Interesting the error message is for a completely different scenario, deleting all fields in a shapefile and I was trying to simply delete a single field from a geopackage. Either way does seem like the help documentation needs to be updated.

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Thank you for reporting this @DuncanHornby 

We are going to treat this as a bug (something that needs fixing) instead of an idea (new feature request) I'm closing this Idea because I've opened an issue for it in our internal doc feedback repository.



-Mark Z