Update Geometric Network Build Errors table

08-29-2013 09:59 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor III
We would like a way to rebuild the geometric network's build error table without tearing down the network.  The feature classes within the network are versioned, have significant data locks, and we have many rules on the network.  To tear it down and rebuild is not realistic. We'd therefore like a tool to rebuild or repopulate the build error table without needing to tear everything down.
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This seems long overdue to me. We have several geometric networks, that our technicians edit daily. While it seems like the build errors table should handle all our needs in QA/QC for locating errors made by the technicians; it is completely useless to us since it is static after network build. It seems silly that dropping the network is the only way to rebuild this table. Dropping the network is about a two day process for us due to data locks from multiple users and map services, along with having to re-create the configuration and any connectivity rules by hand which makes this work-around a complete no-go for us.