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Update a Layer's geospatial selection created via "Create Layer From Selected Features"

08-28-2012 11:19 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor III
For a Layer that was created via "Create Layer From Selected Features" desire the ability to update the Layer's geospatial selection after it was originally created.

Ability to allow the end user to update the Layer to either include additional or exclude geospatial objects that exist within the source data.

Provide check widget on the Layer property interface to allow the end user to see it's current selection including current symbology plus the additional geospatial objects not normally stored as part of the selection objects within the Layer with it's symbology set to some esri default.  Allow user to remove or add geospatial objects via Interactive Selection Methods or via other toolsets like that of "Select By Attributes". 
The kind of control you describe is available with layer definition queries. Besides editability, definition queries also have the advantage of being stable if the number of features changes in the underlying data.

I would only use "Create Layer From Selected Features" for simple or one-time-only selections. For more complicated selections, it is easy enough to add a flag attribute to your data to use with definition queries. A small joined table with just the desired feature IDs also works.

This still seems burdensome. Wouldn't it be nice to have an 'exclude' and 'keep' button that will automatically set a definition query to either remove the highlighted features or keep only the highlighted features?