Unselect graphic elements with Esc in addition to ctrl+backspace

02-13-2022 04:15 AM
Status: Open
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It would be nice to make possible to unselect selected graphic elements with Esc.

Currently if 'm not mistaking we have to right click outside of the element to unselect it. This create the risk to unconsciously select an other element and move it, for example if it's a frame which is larger than the current view.

I know i can add a keyboard shortcut to the "unselect" command, but that would be a more complex and less natural key (e.g. ctrl + something) than Esc.


Yes not that bad, but Esc is more natural. Used by ArcMap, CAD softwares, Word, etc.

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Hello @GregoireS , thank you for posting this Idea! I wanted to confirm something here. You mention accidentally selecting graphic elements in the context of a 'frame'. Are you requesting the option to use the Esc key for graphics in a layout, or for graphics layers in a map instead? 


Are you requesting the option to use the Esc key for graphics in a layout, or for graphics layers in a map instead?

I'm reffering to all elements that we can select with the select too, wether on a laylout on a map : graphics, texts, etc. 


"Frame" was probably a language imprecision.

Just understand my request as "assign Esc to the same function as ctrl backspace" when a graphic element is selected in the layout or map. 


Status changed to: Open

Ctrl+Backspace is the last thing I'd think of. +1 to this. Ctrl+Shift+A might also be intuitive but I'm not sure if that's taken.


This would be insanely useful.  2+ years of Pro and I still constantly play select/deselect/accidentally delete stuff games because this feature doesn't exist.


I switch between CAD and Pro all day so this is something that would make my day much easier. Using Desktop for 2 years then CAD for 2 years and now both my hand rests with with my ring finger over ESC and my thumb on SPACEBAR at all times, no matter the program I am in.

I have " ` " assigned to unselect right now because it is the closest key. 


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