Unregister Replication via Arcpy and ArcToolbox Tool

06-01-2013 10:47 AM
Status: Already Offered
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From time-to-time, one needs to re-create Replication.  I use ModelBuild when creating Replications to document what is being replicated, etc.  Then when it comes to needing to re-create a Replica, I have a model (or script, if exported to Python) to readly run... the only problem is that at 10.1, there are not tools (ArcToolbox or Arcpy) that allow one to "unregister" the exiting Replicas in the Source and Target GDBs.

Please consider creating tools to "Unregister" Replicas so one can automate the process of re-creating Replicas and not have to "Unregister" then manually!

Would also be helpful in my development database where the testing team has created about 40 replicas... and I am unregistering them all one at a time through the version manager... click... click... .... .... click
We have several hundred layers being replicated. Currently I am doing the creation of the replicas using ArcObjects, I would like to migrate this to Python but we also need the ability to unregister replicas. Having the ability to create a replica but not delete it in ArcPy is useless. If all the tools are not available then ArcObjects is still the only viable alternative.
A friend of mine just called and was asking about this and in searching I found this idea. So add me and my friend to the list. This would be helpful in automation. Hopefully they are working on this and it will be in the next version.
This would be useful for us, too. I'd like to recreate our replicated databases once in a while to get a full compress (without replica versions) in the SDE-database we replicate from. The only thing stopping us from modelling the whole process is that we can't unregister replicas with Python or preferably Model builder. We replicate to several databases and have many replica rules.
This is a bad omission from the distributed database toolset.
It looks like you can unregister replicas using the REST api if you have a geodata service pointing towards the GDB. Link

Having such a tool in ArcToolbox and Arcpy would be very beneficial.


This is a good thing to have, but fyi - it's available in the ArcGIS API for Python: arcgis.features.managers module — arcgis 1.4.0 documentation. I haven't tried it, but I'm about to. I update a particular dataset four times a day and I've not been able to enable it for offline use because of this limitation.