Under Consideration Search Topics Flexibility

01-16-2013 07:01 PM
Status: Open
MVP Honored Contributor
It would be nice to have additional ways to search for Under Consideration.  Currently we can go to the main page, and click the Under Consideration Tab - More, but also would be nice to have the capability to type Under Consideration in the Search Box to list those ideas out, or have Implemented, Under Consideration, etc. clickable and when clicked does a search based on what has been implemented , or is under consideration.
Have you tried using the Status selection available on the top right hand corner on all the pages? This gives you a persistant selection of the status across the site, and you can look across categories to  find ideas tagged with a specific status
With the current framework, wse have limitations on customizing search, but we have noted your request for a category specific search and will work on improving this functionality further.

Yeah that will work for the immediate needs.  Thanks Sanja.