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Turn off editing, selection for group layers

07-18-2022 01:49 PM
Status: Open
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I would like to be able to mass turn off editing and selectability for group layers. Currently, there is a grayed out checkbox. 

Depending on the number of layers, clicking through all of them is really time-consuming.

I am on 2.9, so it's possible this was fixed in 3.0




If you hold Ctrl and check a layer in the group, it will toggle the entire group on or off.

Holding Alt will make it so the clicked layer is the only one in the group selected.


Oh, that is nice. I think I would still like to just do it at the group level, though.


I consider such a possibility very beneficial.
Perhaps it could be solved in another way. Use the same principle as the "Selection" option on the right mouse menu:
"Edit Only Selectable Layer", "Edit Visible Feature", "Edit All"


I agree with @VladimírKopp and @AlfredBaldenweck, while the crtl option is great, it's not super intuitive. It would be nice if things functioned the same for each contents pane option (drawing order, selection, editing, etc.), it's more predictable.


This is substandard UI work, layer group checkboxes should work like every other implementation of checkboxes, applying the setting to all nested subgroups and layers.

At an absolute minimum, when all subgroups and layers inside a group are toggled off there should not be a filled gray rectangle! The box should be empty, indicating the off status of all subgroups and layers within.

UI basics and standards. Please apply.