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Top Five Tools

02-11-2011 01:59 PM
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It´s great to have the most popular tools in the menu "geoprocessing". But it would be awesome to have the most used tools (five or more) as "my favorite" tools there.

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Using the instructions here:
You can add and remove whatever tools you want to this drop down.
Thanks for reply. I already know that the toolbars are adaptable.
What i thought  is a automatically adapted tools-list. So the most used tools are automatically added to this list.
I know this would be just a little difference from now...
YES!  This should be an automatically generated list based on your own useage... MS windows does this from their start button for easy access to your most used stuff. google chrome does something similar.

Why not have instant easy access to those frequently used, but buried tools?
I agree -somewhat.  Better though to make your own toolbox and paste in your frequently-used tools for easy reference.  This is easily done if you open an ArcCatalog pane within ArcGIS Desktop and I'm sure there are how-tos out there to help you get started.

Note the difference between 'tools' as in the buttons you push while using ArcGIS Desktop for example (which are in the customizeable user-interface as was already noted in the comments) and 'geoprocessing tools' which go far beyond the range of function in the buttons you find on your user-interface.

It would be handy if these 'GP Tools' as they're sometimes called could be sorted by user popularity outside of their individual toolsets; on the other hand there is a search tool that you can use to look specifically for GP tools, and I've never had trouble finding one once I know the correct name for it.

An ESRI instructor recommended we create our own user toolboxes and copy/paste in our most frequently used ones; indeed tools can be pasted into geodatabases as well as the table of contents of map projects, with some differences in functionality for the latter.

Those on this thread might be interested in exploring the Tools gallery and Geoprocessing pane search functionality in ArcGIS Pro: Save a custom set of geoprocessing tools—ArcGIS Pro | ArcGIS Desktop