Tool to re-attach archive tables

03-16-2017 01:42 PM
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Currently, when you disable archiving in SDE, you can choose to save the history table as a new feature class.  However, there is no way to re-attached that saved history table when you re-enable archiving.  This is a problem when you need to briefly turn off archiving to make changes to the layer or to copy it from one database to the other.  If there was a tool to re-attach the archive table to the feature class, it would allow for a more complete archive history.  This could cause a "false gap" in the history if edits were made during the time archiving was turned off, but the DBA should still be given the option.

An additional option to this solution would be to allow the user to attach multiple archiving table.  This way the DBA could save off each year as a new archive table but still be able to attach them as needed.  In this case, the tables would be attached to the historical version tree but the records would not be imported into active archive table.


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Keeping a true history of an asset's history would require that the information be located in one spot and not across several standalone tables.  Administrators will inevitably have to turn off archiving and unregister data as versioned in order to do maintenance.

This feature would help to make a GIS database more of a true asset register.

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