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Tool to convert Feature Class to Feature Class into Export Features

05-11-2023 02:00 PM
Status: Open
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It looks like Feature Class to Feature Class will be removed soon.  Model builder reports that we should use Export Features instead....

Question:  Why can ESRI provide a one click upgrade tool so we do not need to manually rebuild our export scripts.



Figure 1.  Please add "Would you like to [automatically] convert this tool to Export Features?




Sounds like a support minefield for when users have issues with the 'upgrade'.


@LyonMNGIS Users do not need to do anything to continue to have it work as it has.  The tools in a model are asigned a guid version that keeps them running to the version of the tool the model was created in. The new tools will be replacing them in functionallity.  The banner is just helpful reminder that these tools are not inline with how future Pro's tool development will look.  Note: we have lots of depricated tools that we continue to run tests on, but are not in active development anymore.



Thank you for letting me know.  I just want to make sure that my scripts will continue to work and if needed that I can still pull out the parameters from the older Feature class to Feature Class tool.

That being said, it still would be useful if ESRI provided functionality to automatically convert Feature Class to Feature Class tools into the Export Features tool





@LyonMNGIS The only behavior change you will see when we do depriciate it will just be a banner saying that.  Your tool will work exactly as it always has and you can expose parameters and still use them.  (Hope this helps aliviate any concern you have.)