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07-30-2021 01:35 PM
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Since we are all learning how to use Arcade on ArcGIS online, it would be rather helpful if within ArcGIS Pro there was a way to toggle between a SQL expression to an Arcade expression. For example when you do 'Select by Attribute' there is the builder that lets you flip to the SQL view, but it would be amazing if that toggle could also flip to the arcade version of that expression.



Arcade and SQL are quite different languages. Arcade is more like a programming language, e.g. Python, not a SQL dialect.

Therefor I don't think that there are that many options for converting one in another, it wouldn't be straightforward at least.

It would be more logical to have a "Python-to-Arcade" conversion option for e.g. labeling expressions.


I like this idea, but it's probably pretty difficult to pull off. Not every SQL function has a direct equivalent in Arcade, and Arcade has capabilities that SQL doesn't.

Arcade does have a Filter function, and I imagine many SQL statements could translate to that easily enough.

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Thanks @MarcoBoeringa@jcarlson.

@Laurenventure, the reasons specified above comments are why we don't have any plan for sql to arcade conversion.


Just in case you are interested in learning more about arcade, we have a lot of resources. Here is one the @KoryKramer shared with me. Thanks