Table select zoom

02-03-2011 02:48 PM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor
Currently, when selecting a row in a table, if double clicked zoom to is selected is the results.  Yet if the data frame is set to a specific scale, this is not respected.  This needs to change to respect the forced scale.  An improvement here would be to allow the user to buffer the zoom selected by a percentage (+50%) so that the "area of interest" - AOI allows for a display surround to be implemented.
Thank you for posting this idea. I am hoping you might clarify this request. If I understand your idea, currently if the data frame is set to a fixed scale, 1:10,000 for example and you double-click a record it will not zoom to that location because zoom to selected is disabled as a result of the fixed scale for the data frame. Instead if you hold Ctl + double-click a row it will pan to the selected record, placing it in the center of the view but maintaing the current fixed extent. Is this the kind of functionality you were requesting?
by Anonymous User
It's the functionality I was just about to request. Thank you Chris. I would like to suggest the idea of having the double-click pan to the record by default, not zoom-to the selected record by default. Or at least the option to change this in Options somewhere.