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04-27-2018 12:31 PM
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Allow the user to format the items in the TOC to make it easier to find layers in large projects.  If layer and group names could be given unique colors and fonts/sizes, locating the specific layer would be much easier instead of scanning the entire TOC until the right layer is found.  An example would be needing to toggle on/off a specific layer in a utility editing project but with dozens and perhaps hundreds of layers, it would be easier to find the few specific layers you want by finding them by color or font.  Grouping isn't always enough.  Another example is when CAD layers are symbolized by Layer or RefNam.  There can be dozens and dozens of items in the TOC to sift through.  The ability to flag items by color-coding them would be helpful in returning to that specific feature.


And/Or allow layers to be listed alphabetically, as they were in ArcGIS Desktop


I think that was with production mapping in ArcMap.  Coming in ArcGIS Pro 2.7 (later this year/early 2021) there will be this ability:

So that, along with the already available Filter and Search in the Contents pane should help managing map contents with a large number of layers.

Hope this helps!


I use it all the time in regular old ArcMap. Main TOC is List by drawing order, but 'List by Visibility' and List by Selection' are ordered alphabetically by Layer Name as in this screenshot.  This addition to ArcGIS Pro will save time for sure. 

Thanks - PattiArcMap Table of Contents