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Table frame - manipulate multiple at once

04-11-2023 09:17 AM
Status: Open
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I have multiple table frames in my layout pointing to the same layer, but I'm having difficulty making batch edits to them. I have different frames for different categories of my data. I've removed and replaced my key numbering field, making it necessary to re-add it to each table frame, but the option to 'Add field' is grayed out with a multi-selection.


It would speed up my workflow and save many clicks if I could do this for all my table frames at once. The workaround is to repeat R click > Add field > <field> for each one. I also can't reorder or change the width for the same field in more than one table at a time, so overall, it would be great if it were easier to make the same edits to multiple frames at once altogether. Thanks!

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You *can* select multiple of the same field in multiple frames, but once you make an edit (e.g. change the width under Appearance in the field Element pane, or change the text symbol from the ribbon), it reverts to a single selection and only applies to the first one you clicked.