Symbology Validation

06-05-2016 06:44 PM
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With the differing symbology support for several different platforms and conflicting requirements I see a need for the creation of a symbology Validation Tool.

I envision that the input would be a layer or group layer in the Map view and a simple drop down for the target symbology type.

Output would be a table of the layer that violates the targeted symbol rules and what feature is not supported.


Layer x has cartographic line with offset enabled which is not supported in collector

Layer y has non-simple polygon fill which is not supported in vector tiles


I agree.  There is already a validation tool for publishing to AGO, so just add validation rules for these items.  Also include any labeling incompatibilities, as those exist as well.

by Anonymous User

I'm sure everyone has had the fun of designing a web layer be it vector tiles, feature layers, or map service. In particular building up the complex and often time-consuming process of getting everything to work right at all the scales with all the labelling. You then go in to publish that service and you end up with something not quite like what you built. It's frustrating, to say the least especially when there isn't even a warning when you publish to state hey are you sure because that layer is not going to be able to use that.

I suggest that when publishing any service that ArcPro looks at the type of service you are publishing and to which version and compare it to what is possible in that combination and provide you with a warning that you will lose that functionality. This could be achieved with a small set of XML files in the host of the published service, which in the analysis of the feature service could hit you up that you are going to lose that cartographic line style in that vector tile service. Or that the scale based symbology isn't yet supported in hosted AGOL feature service. Instead of having to find out after you spent the weekend building that global vector tile service to find a bunch of the symbology you used is not compatible.