Symbology lacks the options for turn on or off.

2 weeks ago
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So, when you have features on your  map . You would have to choose a feature  layer to highlight it to be able to open the Symbology at the top of the menu. When that opens the Features Layers tab. Then you will see the blue Appearance tab showing the blue color  which then opens the Symbology dialog box

You click on it to open the Symbology dialog box Then you have to choose the field to change the Unique Values to set the symbology labels.

You would have to turn off "Show all other values" off and turn on the Show count.  It is an annoying thing to do. You can keep the rest of Refresh count and others there in the More.

In the Settings, there is Options on the left side of the Side Panel. When you click on it , it opens the Options dialog box and then under the  Application, there is none for Symbology to set it up ? Why is it not there but it ended up in the Editing ?

It would be nice if you move them from the  into the Options in the Settings and click on Options at the Side Panel on the left.

Second pic.png








Here is what you should delete the first two 

"Show all other values" AND "Show count"

and keep the rest under the line ..

See an example :

Second first.png









It would save us as a End users a lot of time by to enable them in the Options  Settings for the Symbology section.