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Symbology - format symbol - add an "OK" button

03-31-2023 09:38 AM
Status: Open
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Every time you make an edit to a symbol, it's two clicks to get back to the primary symbology pane -- either click 'Apply' in the lower right and then the back arrow all the way in the top right, or the back arrow in the top right and then 'Yes' in the middle.

There may be an option to turn off the warning somewhere (I think?) but for those who like the warning in most circumstances, an "OK" button to commit and close out of the symbol formatting would be a good addition that most users will already be familiar with. ArcMap and most menus in Windows already operate like this.






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Also - some panes treat Apply as OK - ex. the element pane. When I click Apply for the extent indicator, it acts like OK - returning to the previous screen. This is unexpected when compared to the way Apply functions for symbology, or even the extent indicator leader line where apply acts like apply. Separating these into two buttons across the application would help with consistency.