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Switching automatically to Element pane when selecting legend item

03-29-2023 09:27 AM
Status: Already Offered
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I like how the "Symbology" pane pops up when I click on a layer's symbology. Similarly, I would love for the "Element" pane to pop up when I click on a legend element. What else am I going to need but the element pane? Sometimes I need to switch back and forth between legend and symbology in order to manipulate legend patches etc, and it would be very convenient if the "Element" pane just appeared same as the "Symbology" one.


Are you talking about clicking on any of these?


It looks like if you double-click on them it opens the Element pane for that item. Does that help?


Thanks for pointing that out. It does help, and I'm slowly retraining myself to double-click in the Contents pane rather than clicking on the legend element on the layout. I also tend to switch between symbology and the legend to get the legend to look just right.


Thanks @KoryKramer , that does help!

Status changed to: Already Offered

Hi! I'm going to close this as already offered based on Kory's comment. However, if I missed something please let me know and we can clarify and reopen.