Suspend snapping shortcut when working with map layout elements

03-27-2012 07:35 AM
Status: Implemented
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Currently the snapping toolbar when editing data can be suspended by holding the spacebar down. So when I am working on the layout of a map and placing lines, title blocks, legends, text, etc.  I would love to be able to hold the spacebar to suspend snapping of elements to Guides, Grid, Rulers, Margins.  I am unaware of a current shortcut, I have to right click and go to the Arcmap options dialoge and uncheck snapping then repeat the process to turn snapping back on, by holding the spacebar working with layouts would be much quicker.
It would be great to be able to hold some key to suspend snapping of elements to Guides, Grid, Rulers, Margins.

PLEASE ESRI; it would be amazing to have the ability to temporarily disable snapping by holding the space bar key down in Layout View, similar to how it can be done in Data View. ESRI ESRI snapping issue snapping layout elements

Status changed to: Implemented

This is available by pressing the space bar while moving a layout element in ArcGIS Pro. You can also completely disable snapping.