Supportibility for SMB3 on Samba backend

02-05-2021 08:59 AM
Status: Implemented
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ARCGIS Pro is failing with "Cannot create output" while exporting feature classes to geodatabases stored on Samba based SMB3 NAS appliances.  Opening ProcMon which slows down the ARCGIS Pro application slows down processing and the export completes without errors.  Limiting the underlying Samba based NAS to SMB2 also resolves the issue.  My request is to support SMB3 on Samba based storage solutions.  ArcMAP works with SMB3 when running the same exporting process. 

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There is a related question about working with SMB3: Posting here as it references a knowledge article (which admittedly does not "fix" the issue) but also says "However, even more oddly, we've found that if the underlying filesystem on the samba server is a CoW filesystem such as ZFS of BTRFS then SMB3 does work without a problem."


Thanks Kory.  I do not have those same results when modifying that registry setting.  We are able to limit the underlying storage to SMB2 which allows the export to complete.  I forgot to mention we can also map a drive directly to the directory that the gdb file resides in and we do not see the issue. 


Yes! So glad to see this issue posted. We're experiencing the same issue, and really hoping ESRI will work with the SAMBA team and third party vendors to get this resolved, as ESRI often talks about supporting open standards.  It would be a win-win for everyone involved.  For now we have to use ArcGIS Pro with SAMBA over SMB2 (and who knows when Microsoft will decide to turn off SMB2 down the road?). 

I work for a small-ish planning and engineering firm and we tend to be avid early-adopters of new technology trends and platforms. We jumped in with both feet in terms of adopting Pro. If Esri is serious about moving toward Pro and away from Desktop 10.x as its mainstream desktop software, it needs to get this resolved. Large, national firms will not migrate, otherwise.


@KennyMack Be sure to add your support by voting for the idea.  

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This was submitted through Technical Support as  [BUG-000140230: ArcGIS Pro is unable to write to file geodatabases stored on Server Message Block (S... and is fixed in ArcGIS Pro 2.9.