Support the work with multiple layers in TOC

02-13-2012 04:08 AM
Status: Closed
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Interactive manipulation with multiple layers selected in TOC is currently very limited. Please let all the functionality available for a single layer in Table Of Contents be ready for multiple layers too. Provide the same controls (keyboard shortcuts, mouse shortcuts, context menu options) for user to be able with a single click to:
  • Open all attribute tables of multiple layers selected in TOC
  • Turn on/off labeling of multiple layers selected in TOC
  • Identify features from multiple layers selected in TOC
  • Export data from multiple layers selected in TOC
  • Change symbol or label properties for multiple layers in the TOC
  • Set definition query for multiple layers selected in TOC
  • Set transparency and other layer properties for multiple layers selected in TOC
  • Use symbol levels, create LYR files, create layers from selected features, etc.
  • Replace data source for multiple layers selected in TOC
  • Identify layers with the same data source (but different layer name) in TOC
Possible solutions:

Turn On / Turn Off features. In ArcGIS for Desktop you selected multiple layers and could turn them on or off... in Pro - no

Status changed to: Closed

Closing this idea as it was submitted against ArcMap, lists a number of separate requests, and many of these are now satisfied with ArcGIS Pro. 

In ArcGIS Pro, many of the requested points from above are implemented when working with multiple layers. In general, if you highlight multiple layers, commands that are not available are grayed out while commands that are available to work on multiple layers are active. 


For anything that is still lacking and is important to your work in ArcGIS Pro, please search so see if an idea already exists and add kudos and your use case in the comments. If not, follow the submission guidelines (one submission = one idea) to submit a new idea or ideas. Thank you!