Support stand-alone XML metadata files in search services

02-26-2016 01:40 PM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor II
Please provide better support for stand-alone XML metadata files in ArcGIS Server search services.  Currently they are treated just as "files" and their descriptive contents (i.e. title, abstract, keywords, bounding box, etc.) are not indexed for searching.  We use stand-alone XML metadata files to document data that may be stored offline, hosted at a particular URL, or representative of a set or series of data, so to not have that content indexed in the stand-alone XML metadata is very dissappointing and limiting.  The old ArcIMS metadata server used to index stand-alone XML metadata files (even the bounding box!), so please make this same functionality possible in the ArcGIS Server search services.  And, please provide support for search services in ArcGIS Pro.  Thanks.