Support Python Syntax in Attribute Assistant

11-14-2012 08:18 AM
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The Attribute Assistant is a powerful extension that provides predefined calcs to be run on tables. Expressions are defined using VB. It would be useful if Python was supported as a scripting language here as it is in just about every other function in the ESRI product line. 

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Please keep an eye on the Attribute Rules functionality coming to a future release of ArcGIS Pro.  My understanding is that these rules will be based on the Arcade language (ArcGIS Arcade | ArcGIS for Developers ) meaning that they can be used across the ArcGIS Platform.


See the ArcGIS Pro Roadmap for a general idea of when we can expect to see Attribute Rules.

While this doesn't directly respond to using Python syntax in Attribute Assistant, Attribute Rules will be how Attribute Assistant-like functionality is implemented moving forward. The great thing is that because Arcade scripts are portable, your attribute rules can be read and executed not only in a desktop application like ArcGIS Pro, but also in a WebMap through a browser, or in a Mobile Application!


I'm thinking if we all ignore Arcade it will go away more quickly.


Will Attribute Rules ever be able to be used against a data source such as a file geodatabase which is what Attribute Assistant can be used with besides enterprise (SDE) databases?


For me part of the problem is that line Arcade "can be used across the ArcGIS Platform" does not seem to include ArcMap.

Since I have to continue supporting many ArcMap users AND I am trying to use Attribute Assistant I now have to use the dead language VBScript.

Having become very fluent in Python and having adopted it for many uses OUTSIDE of ESRI, I am put off by the idea that I will need a to learn another proprietary language when we start using ArcGIS Pro; I cannot put aside Python and Javascript and VBScript so it just makes things harder.

It's hard for me to imagine Arcade will have much to offer me that is not already possible in Python. It is also hard to imagine that ESRI will stick with Arcade for very long so I feel like it's best to ignore it for as long as possible in the hopes that it will die off before I am forced to use it.