Support HTML inside label expressions and annotations

09-29-2021 11:13 AM
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I often find myself needing to make label expressions that include tables to present environmental data. Me and my colleagues often resort to making labels in MS Excel, and copy/pasting onto our layouts.

I know ArcGIS Pro already supports a number of html-like tags inside label expressions to bold, underline, and color text, etc.  Greater support to html tags, particularly table tags (<table>, <tr>, and <td>) would allow me and other users the ability to create better end-products.

HTML is already supported for web-map pop-ups:

It would be great to have this is our labels and annotations.


Status changed to: Closed

There are no plans to use HTML and CSS in labels. The added complexity, performance, and security implications of essentially having a web page per label make this difficult. If you're just looking for table support, I'd recommend following this issue:


Hi Craig -

I'm not sure if you read through the actual comments in the issue that you linked to.  Nearly all the commenters on that thread basically asked for what I am suggesting, namely support for the table tags and some basic styling options.  Here are some of the key responses:

  • "This is a great idea."
  • "This would be fantastic in the environmental consulting industry."
  • "Been dreaming of this feature since the 3.x days...Please!!"

I see some vague references to external 3rd-party solutions, but no real solutions in what you linked to.  One commenter even suggested giving up and using QGIS.

I am not convinced by the argument that this would add complexity and security issues, as a) ArcGIS Pro label expressions are already complex and support some tags, b) ESRI already supports this with HTML popups.  Specifically:

I would appreciate it if you re-opened this idea to see if others in the environmental consulting industry, as well as likely many other industries, still see a need for this functionality, or have a workable solution.




Hi @rsiebenmann_ARO To clarify, the link that Craig provided is another idea that the development has as "Under Consideration."  As you point out, "Nearly all the commenters on that thread basically asked for what I am suggesting" which is why I believe Craig pointed you there.  If you haven't yet done so, you could give that a kudo and add any specifics about your requirements that may not have already been covered as a comment.

Hope that helps.


Thanks - @KoryKramer for the clarification.  My intent was to make sure this idea was captured for ArcGIS Pro and since the other idea is from 2011, I was under the impression that it was for ArcMap.   Craig's comment that "There are no plans to use HTML and CSS in labels" was a bit disheartening and appeared to be closing the door on the topic.

I've given the idea a kudo and look forward to seeing it implemented in the future. 


Understood @rsiebenmann_ARO !  At this point, no further enhancements are being made to ArcMap, but there are a number of ideas that came in over the years specifically for ArcMap that are still good ideas for Pro.  Any existing ideas, if implemented, will be implemented in ArcGIS Pro.



I understand @rsiebenmann_ARO.  The original post was in 2011, and users are still waiting for it to be addressed.  I appreciate you posting this again.  There is a clear need and desire for this functionality.  In addition, being able to pull in related data into that table label.