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Support for Enterprise Login in ArcPy

01-10-2021 07:52 PM
Status: Closed
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I think it would be great if ArcPy supports SAML logins (previously known as enterprise logins).

For sites that utilises SAML logins, scripts in ArcPy does not have access to portal data unless ArcGIS Pro is logged into the portal. 

The only workaround is to launch ArcGIS Pro and sign in manually and select the 'sign me in automatically' button. 

ArcPy currently only supports built-in logins:


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Status changed to: Closed

We won't be able to support SAML logins because they can use different identity providers (PKI or IWA). The workaround already mentioned works—start ArcGIS Pro, sign in manually, and select the 'sign me in automatically' button. We will expand the SignInToPortal function to support signing in to portals that use PKI and IWA in an upcoming release.