Support export of terrains to LandXML

10-17-2013 08:33 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

Provide support to export terrains (TINs) from ArcGIS to LandXML as a common industry statndard exchange format for terrain data to go along with existing importa support.

This would provide a bi-directional exchange with a large variety of design and land development packages.

Esri provides the import tool from LandXML to TIN with 3D analyst Conversion Tool

I have not seen the reverse as a tool but it maybe possible using Data Interoperability extension tools.
Our customers would highly appreciate the implementeation of a reverse tool for LandXML to TIN - TIN to LandXML.

Kind regards,
Barbara Schwendtner
Geodata AS, Norway
This should be able to export TIN's or Terrains to an XML format.

The ability to convert ARCGIS TINs to LandXML format would be extremely helpful.  This would be a great compliment to the LandXML to TIN conversion function currently in ArcGIS.

I am guessing there is some proprietary functionality in the algorithm of making this LandXML to where why Esri has not made this kind of tool.