Support Export of 3D PDF out of ArcGIS Pro

07-03-2016 11:01 PM
Status: Open
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ArcGIS Pro is enhancing in creating 3D Content. If the user has created one, of course it may be shared as a web Scene. However, some consumers may not have the ability to Access this web item for many reasons.

Alternatively the 3D PDF would engage them to Access the Content without any web Access and without any Software installed on their machines except for the Adobe Reader. (like you already do with the app drone to map: this app exports 3D PDF already).


This would be fantastic!


This is an excellent idea and for sure an important requirement from many customers who have to share 3d content with others that do not have access to AGOL oder Portal, or any other network-based applications.


Is there news from the developers regarding this idea? It would be great to not only have the 3D PDF visualization just in Drone2Map.

Thank you in advance!


Any news on development of this?  We have a few projects that would really benefit from using 3D PDFs


Bump; we'd really like to be able to create portable 3D documents as deliverables to supply our clients, without requiring them to create an ArcGIS Online account and navigate to our site. Plus, then we don't have to host this data in perpetuity.


Whilst its possible to export to 3D PDF from FME, it would be great if we could do this natively as we have already imported our BIM models into ArcGIS PRO in the first place. In many cases the 3D PDF's contain the BIM model in one part of the PDF and the rest is dynamic tables derived from GDB FC;s and a 2D Map which should be coming from ArcGIS.


We are working on a feature in Pro that will allow you to export the meshes and materials of any 3D symbols of your choice and terrain tile to 3D formats like glTF. The feature is in the works right now, but it should be available soon.