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02-22-2021 07:28 AM
Status: Already Offered
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360 degree photos are available to be geotagged but display flat not as intended with 360 views.  To explore a map feature from the ground level like to Google Streetview, and Apple Look Around it would be better if 360 degree photos were recognized and able to navigate or spin the sphere.  


I have a 360 degree GoPro MAX camera that I have geotagged photos.  The photo viewer in PRO and Online do not have a 360 photo viewer.  For examples go to the storymap here Sample the City 2020

Status changed to: Already Offered

Thank you for posting this idea @RobertGraham1  ArcGIS Pro 2.7 supports 360-degree images so I'm marking this already offered for Pro.


There is an open idea for ArcGIS Online here:  You can visit that to provide your support.

Thank you!



My apologies for coming late to the conversation.

I cannot find a help file for integrating 360 degree photos into ArcGIS Pro.

We have a 360 camera we have been testing.  it gives us an .insp 

I have been through the Oriented Imagery tutorial but that does not seem to be the same thing as it deals with static individual images and not with the .insp files



Thanks for the response. But I was hoping to find a help document on how to get them from the camera into Pro

Pro does not recognize the .insp file 


Hi Robert,

The .insp file type is not currently supported.

It sounds like this is a proprietary format, but using Insta360 Studio you could export .insp images to JPEG.


You could submit an idea for ArcGIS Pro to support the .insp format. The team could then assess the feasibility, of course depending on what api's may be available from Insta360 to work with the files.



Not trying to go back to negative.  But going back to the original posters question.  


Pro does not support 360 photos as he requested. 

What it does support is object oriented imagery. 

360° are what you see on Google Street View