Superscripts and Subscripts in TOC and Legend

04-07-2021 05:54 AM
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The text used to describe a layer in the TOC and Legend need to be able to have superscripts and subscripts.  The Arcade and other labelling tags work fine within the map display but not on the TOC or Legend.  Making the legend a graphic in order to have superscripts and subscripts is available but painful.  

Clear communication of units with common notation will speed the understanding of the product.


Superscripts are common notation for area and cubic measurements

Subscripts are common for Chemical notation of elements and compounds.


Sub/superscript works in legend (but not in TOC which is preferred in my opinion because TOC is for authoring, not visualising, though if there was ability to switch between showing tags and showing formatted text that'd be ok)



TOC and symbology using text formatting tags





Thanks Luke.  Have it work in the TOC would help for all the online publishing.  I did not test if the tags would resolve if published as a service.  I assume that sense it does not work in TOC then it would not resolve anywhere else.


This probably also applies to column names too, but lets keep this thread on the TOC.


Great idea, this would make for more informative labeling.