Store the Parallel processing setting for ArcMap in either normal.mxt or the registry rather than individual MXDs

10-18-2016 10:01 AM
Status: Open
by Anonymous User
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Summary: Currently, if the parallel processing is set in ArcMap Environments, this setting can only be saved to a mxd, and will need to be reset for each new mxd. The user would like to do a mass install and set the default parallel processing for all users, which they cannot do currently

More details:

- In ArcMap, go to the menu Geoprocessing > Environments > Parallel Processing
- Setting the value of Parallel Processing will save this change only in the currently open Map Document (MXD)
- Deploying this change to a large number of users is very difficult because it requires every user to use this specific map document.
- This change can't be deployed via an MXT document.
- Saving this change in a registry key, an ArcMap profile file, or MXT will make it possible to deploy this change to a large number of users.