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Stop the (snail-mail) madness!

12-05-2012 10:45 AM
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I went to my mailbox today at work. This is something i only do every month or so anymore since all my business is conducted through email. In it I find that I have 5 pieces of mail in there ranging from postcards to a newsletter to a magazine to a giant magazine the size of old Rolling Stone issues, and every piece is from ESRI. Not one piece of mail from anyone else.

Esri, it's time you chilled on the tree-slaying and using all those fossil fuels distributing paper marketing pieces all over the planet. Especially for a company that has "Environmental" as part of it's name. Really, do you need both ArcUser and it really too hard to have a news section in ArcUser or vice versa? 
If there were a way to Promote this 100 times I would.
I have even gone so far as to unsubscribe from the print version. They were gone for a while. Now they're back, along with copies for my predecessor. We have an office of 9 people. They're not all GIS folks. We get at least a dozen copies of ArcUser and ArcNews.
My feelings exactly Fritz, well done idea. Too much wasted paper in my opinion. The automatic subscriptions need to stop and there needs to be a better way to manage your subscriptions on the ESRI site. The default subscription should be e-subscriptions if at all. ESRI seems to make it easy to subscribe to these but unsubscribing...if you can still do that, is not obvious.
I brought this very issue up at a UC, probably around 2005 or so (keynote was on the incredible journey through the African Congo). And fairly soon after that, mabye a year or more later, they provided a nice interface on a web page for doing just this, managing both your inbox and your snail-mail mailings.

To be fair to the poster however, once I went in and set the preferences, the trees stopped falling and my inboxes cleared out (eventually). If they changed the usability of that, they do need to get back to the user defined settings. On the other hand, did you try to change it yourself from after logging in?
Go here and change all your paper subscriptions to digital:

by Anonymous User

Cheers on the unsubscribe link Erin but ESRI should not be sending this stuff out at all regardless of the unsubscribe options. They can put Jane Goodall in front of the audience at the UC but it's all undone when they waste all the paper & ink printing these, waste all the fossil fuels sending them all over the continent, and then waste a bunch of energy again as these are recycled at best or end up in a landfill at worst.

This stuff is a real global environmental problem and of all organizations, ESRI should know better. There is no reason this information can't be distributed electronically.


I have unsubscribed many times. It stops for a while and then starts back up. I have also unsubscribed people that don't even work here anymore. Still getting them.