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Stop Map Redraw When Moving Annotation

07-20-2011 08:18 AM
Status: Closed
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I would like to see the software configured in a way where the entire map doesn't redraw when a label is moved on a map or when a label is created on a map. I have to edit hundreds of labels on maps and everytime I move a an anotation or label, I have to wait for the entire map to redraw. This adds quite a bit of time to my workflow. I wold like to be able to pause the map, move around as many of my annotation/labels as I want to, and then click on the pause button again, and the map redraws. This wold save me an inordinate amount of time.

 F9 puts the data frame in pause mode but that doesnt allow you to edit. Your best bet for the moment would be to turn off any layers you absolutly do not need. You can also try using a feature cache. This will speed up drawing for the area you are working in at the moment by saving the current view of your features to memory instead of reading them from disc over and over. Its very helpful if you are storing your data non-locally like a file server or SDE. Just add the Feature Cache toolbar and go.
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This idea was submitted a while ago against ArcMap. Some of the pain points should be addressed with ArcGIS Pro's multi-threaded draw. You might also try pausing or locking labels as described here:

Thank you