Stop indiscriminately blocking the entire ArcGIS Pro User Interface (UI performance) during drawing

10-10-2021 10:46 PM
Status: Open
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Currently, when a user makes any changes to the viewport, e.g. by zooming in or out on a Map or Layout, almost the entire User Interface is blocked / disabled by default until the drawing of the view is finished.

Virtually the entire ribbon will be disabled, even the most used tools related to zooming, panning, or switching the scale of the map. Essentially the user can do nothing until the drawing has finished, and even switching the display off by hitting the "Pause" button doesn't help.

This is a huge problem, and very much negatively affects user productivity. This is especially so for complex, high quality maps using extensive Maplex labeling, where it can takes minutes to draw a single view and have the labeling finish.

I see absolutely no reason why crucial UI / ribbon elements like the zoom / pan / scale options should become disabled during drawing. It is an absolute nuisance and doesn't make sense: when you are searching for an area to use, you continuously want to be able to make adjustments until you find the right place. Having to wait up to minutes between each move, is a pain.

Please review what tools truly must be disabled, and what tools can be left enabled. I appreciate that during some operations, it may be necessary from a technical point of view to disable a few buttons, but the current almost indiscriminate behavior affecting the entire ribbon is a major issue.




You are absolutely right. There are too many dependencies in UI components and they interfere with each other. Whenever we work with a complex project, we become almost inoperable. especially when working with 3d objects on a scene. Just do one action and wait a minute or more. Same things for geoprocessing tools.



I  agree!



Part of the problem of ArcGis Pro being so, so, so slow to work with.  Hope to see improvement in future release.